Japanese researchers find correlation between changes in atmospheric pressure and migraines

In 2011, Japanese researchers studied 28 migraine patients (full text here) living within 10 km of the Utsunomiya Meteorological Observatory in Japan to investigate whether atmospheric pressure may contribute to migraine symptoms....
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Study finds melatonin can be effective for migraine

Brazilian researchers recently published results of a study involving 196 men and women between the ages of 18 and 65, to find out whether melatonin could an effective migraine treatment.  To...
Old CRT television of days gone by

Trivia: does sitting too close to TVs damage eyesight?

Back in the 1960s, General Electric released a special cathode ray tube ("CRT") television capable of displaying colors.  It was a technological breakthrough at the time.  It worked by...
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Early study links low Vitamin D levels with headache

In a study published on January 3, 2017, Finnish researchers studied a group of 2,601 Finnish men between the ages of 42-60 years old and found that lower levels of...
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Brain’s builder cells turn toxic following injury

In a fascinating study published in Nature, researchers found that astrocytes that exist in the brain to protect neurons take on a more toxic role following a brain injury. In...

Migraine sufferers at higher risk of stroke after surgery

According to a recent study published online in the British Medical Journal, those that suffer migraine are at an increased risk of stroke after surgery and hospital re-admission within...

Year in review: highlights of headache and migraine research in 2016

Highlights of headache and migraine research in 2016 was published on MedScape.com by Dr. Hans-Christoph Diener of University of Essen, Germany.  He writes on the latest in complications of migraines,...

Study finds flicker may activate immune response against toxic Alzheimer’s proteins

In a study published to Nature.com on December 7, 2016, researchers found that exposing subject mice to flicker for one hour each day for seven days reduced the buildup...

LED street lights draw warning from American Medical Association

In a report published June of 2016, the American Medical Association warned of health effects resulting from LED street lights.  One of the central concerns was the emission of excessive...

Your brain processes visual information you don’t realize you see

In a recent study, NYU researchers flashed a low-contrast image of striped circles rotated to different angles in front of participants.  The duration each participant was exposed to the...

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