Night Light for Windows 10 review

We are thrilled with Night Light, Microsoft's blue light reduction feature built into the Windows 10 'Creators Update' rolling out to computers on April 11, 2017.  Today we look... – Our Favorite Brightness and Color Filtering Software

Without a doubt Iris is the best display filtering software we have ever tested.  For us, it integrates two very helpful features in one piece of software: brightness adjustments;...

Screen dimming utilities for Windows

Many people struggle with the effects of exposure to computer displays.  It can be especially troublesome when computer work is an integral part of earning an income.  As covered...

CF.Lumen for Android: configure to reduce headaches, improve sleep

CF.Lumen is a free app for Android allowing color temperature to be modified to achieve a reduction in blue light output.  It also features a darken filter to darken...

Activate dark theme on YouTube for viewing comfort

Google recently added functionality allowing users to darken the appearance of YouTube when viewed through a web browser.  While it's unlikely to make a big difference for most if...

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Extreme Netflix

Wait, what?  Netflix?  On a screen?  When I'm so sensitive?  Yes.  It can be done, even if looking at a screen is...

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In January 2019 we were graced with a beautiful new addition. As such new content on TechSensitive has been mostly paused...