– Our Favorite Brightness and Color Filtering Software

Without a doubt Iris is the best display filtering software we have ever tested.  For us, it integrates two very helpful features in one piece of software:

  • brightness adjustments; and

  • color filtering.


Brightness is adjusted through Iris by altering the signal being sent from your computer to the computer’s display.  In other words, it works by darkening the image being generated by your computer before that image is transmitted to the display connected to your computer.

Iris’ brightness adjustments are especially useful on computer displays with minimum brightness levels that are still too high for comfort.  Setting your display to minimum brightness in combination with the additional brightness adjustments available through Iris allows for almost unlimited dimming, sufficient to accommodate all ranges of light sensitivity.

Cutting straight to the chase here, Iris allows users to achieve some seriously low brightness levels.

For further convenience enable Iris keyboard shortcuts for quick brightness adjustments.  After keyboard shortcuts are enabled, use combination of Ctrl + Alt + either PgUp or PgDn to make those adjustments.

Color Filtering

While the color filtering built-into Windows 10 will be sufficient for most, users desiring further control will find it in spades with Iris.  For Windows 7 users seeking an all-in-one solution for brightness and color filtering, this is for you.

It’s handy to be able to disable this color filtering quickly and easily for color-accurate work.  To do so, enable keyboard shortcuts and use key combination Ctrl + Alt + P.

Iris Costs Money

Iris costs money, but if it boosts your productivity by reducing the effects of your light sensitivity then it quickly pays for itself.  As of the date of this article, a single ‘Pro’ license costs $14.99 USD.  Importantly, this option doesn’t include software updates that bring with them improvements in features and compatibility.

Instead, we recommend a month-to-month licence (presently $1.99 USD /mo), or if Iris has earned a permanent spot on your computer then a lifetime licence is available for a very reasonable one-time fee of $49.99 USD.  The lifetime licence includes unlimited use on one computer at a time and those valuable software updates with the improvements they bring.

Check it out at

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