FEIT "enhance vivid natural light" GU10 bulb

FEIT “enhance vivid natural light” GU10 bulb (2015)

It’s rare to find a bulb brandishing a CRI of ≥93 and a warm color temperature of 2700K, all within the small confines of the GU10 form factor.  FEIT released just that and gives us hope that this could be a fantastic energy-efficient light bulb for those most sensitive.


  • Connector:  GU10 (120v)
  • Brightness:  350 lumens(~35w equivalent)
  • Consumption:  5.5 watts
  • Efficiency:  63.6 lumens per watt
  • CCT:  2,700k (“Soft White Light”)
  • CRI:  ≥93 per packaging (we measured 91.5)
  • Dimmable:  Yes
  • Output Width: 38 degrees
  • Make / Model:  MR16GU10/927/LED/CAN
  • Energy Star:  No
  • Warranty: 5 year replacement

The spec sheet for this product is published by FEIT, here.


As alluded to above, it’s rare to find a GU10 LED bulb replacement sporting a high CRI of ≥93 and a warm color temperature of 2700K.  The specifications are otherwise unremarkable.  Efficiency of 63.6 lm/w is reasonable for the warmer color temperature this bulb emits.  The output width of 38 degrees is just shy of the usual benchmark of 40 degrees common on halogen GU10 bulbs.  This bulb is not Energy Star certified.

Like other bulbs, there are no advertised flicker specifications.  Let’s find out how it may suit those most sensitive.


We had our fingers crossed that this bulb would emit no measurable flicker.  Unfortunately, we detected harsh flicker depth of ~45% at a frequency of 120Hz.  In other words, this bulb pulses rapidly between around 55% brightness and 100% brightness 120 times each second.  While flicker at such a high frequency is invisible, it may contribute to symptoms of those most sensitive and is therefore not recommended.

The advertised color temperature of 2,700K correlated closely with our measured temperature of 2703K.

The Color Rendering Index (“CRI”) advertised on the  retail packaging is an impressive ≥ 93.  We measured a CRI of 91.5, which is within a margin of error of the advertised score and still quite high.  The R9 (vivid red) score is 58, which together with a CRI of 93 (or 91.5) means that objects within the area of illumination of this bulb will appear natural.


Subjectively the light looked good, albeit not as bright as we were expecting for a bulb with a stated light output of 350 lumens.  In fact, this bulb appeared to be less bright than the 265 lumen halogen bulb which it replaced.


Given the flicker depth of ~45% we don’t recommend this bulb for those most sensitive.  Having said that, this is otherwise a very good option for those looking to replace hot halogen bulbs before the summer heat arrives.  We are looking forward to FEIT releasing future bulbs with these color characteristics, though hopefully with less flicker.

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