LG G Pad 3 8.0 / G Pad X 8.0 – Sneak peak into a pretty good tablet

UPDATE:  In early 2017 the LG Gpad 3/X 8.0 received a software update to Android 7 Nougat.  This update also introduced a number of improvements with respect to color options.  See our update for the latest information.

Seldom do we come across a device that features settings designed specifically to reduce neurological effects of LED screens.  The third edition of the LG G-Pad series known as the LG G-Pad 3 8.0 or LG-G-Pad X 8.0 depending on your region, features a ‘reader mode’ which reduces visible blue color from the screen, while also reducing the contrast of all colors to the point where it is nearly black and white.


Reader mode almost entirely eliminates all color on the screen and replaces it with shades of brown, not unlike the color scheme of most e-ink e-reader screens.  Toggling the feature on and off illustrates the obvious reduction in visible blue light which most users will appreciate.  Nevertheless, we set out to verify this via the below measurements.


You’ll see that while blue light output was reduced by roughly half, the rather harsh spike of red remained unchanged.  Reader mode can be toggled by the press of a dedicated button located on the right side of the device, just below the volume rocker. The dedicated button means the feature can be quickly enabled or disabled without accessing additional settings or menus.

Further good news is that we detected no flicker on the screen likely to cause discomfort for those most sensitive, even at the very low minimum brightness this device is capable of.

For those reliant on polarized glasses it should be noted that the device is unusable in portrait mode in conjunction with polarized lenses.  Given the especially low minimum brightness this may not be troublesome.

This device retails as the LG G-Pad X 8.0 or LG G-Pad III 8.0, depending on your region.

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