Detecting flicker with cameras

You may have noticed instances on that flicker has been reportedly detected when referencing only a photo or video.  This is because in many cases flicker can be...
Graph illustration of typical CRI values

CRI: understanding the Color Rendering Index

Occasionally we cover topics incidental to lighting, but not directly related to light sensitivity.  This is one of those topics. If you've shopped for LED bulbs you might have seen...

Computer displays: finding a display compatible with you

Computer use is necessary in most professions.  Consequently, managing your symptoms in front of a computer display is often required before you can return to meaningful productivity. Headaches, deficits in visual...

Extreme pressure change in commercial aircraft responsible for headaches, migraine

Do you suffer headaches or migraines while flying on commercial aircraft?  The cause may surprise you. Ever since the 1950s commercial aircraft have featured pressurized cabins.  During flight, these pressurized...

Polarized Glasses and Electronic Displays: A Brief Tutorial

For those sensitive to light few accessories are more valuable than polarized sunglasses. Polarized lenses work by filtering out photons (light) oscillating horizontally. While natural light from the sun...

Strategies for effective work spaces

Those most sensitive must take every opportunity to recognize and avoid stressors that cause or contribute to symptoms.  That includes evaluating not just the electronic displays you spend time...

How Sunlight Is Different From LEDs And Other Lights

Sunlight is the best light, as long as it's not too bright.  You'll see that mantra repeated throughout this site.  But, why is sunlight the best?  What makes it...

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In January 2019 we were graced with a beautiful new addition. As such new content on TechSensitive has been mostly paused...

ThinkPad X1 Extreme – A good choice for those most sensitive

We had an opportunity to spend some time with the X1E and were thoroughly impressed with it.  The X1 Extreme is Lenovo's new 15"...

Zenfone 5Q (5 Lite) incompatible with polarized glasses

We like to keep an eye on the latest budget phones for suitable options available to all users, regardless of financial circumstances.  The Zenfone...