Asus Zenfone 2: a pleasant surprise

Launched in early 2015, the Asus Zenfone 2 is an excellent mid-range phone developed by a company not usually associated with phones.  The Zenfone 2 sports an Intel Atom CPU, a large 5.5″ full HD screen and unlocked for all carriers – all at disruptively low price of $200-$300USD.  The Asus Zenfone 2 should not be mistaken for budget phones such as the “Zenfone 2 Laser”, “Zenfone 2 Zoom” and “Zenfone 2 Max”.

Today we examine the Zenfone 2 model ZE551ML.


We discovered no measurable flicker across the entire brightness range.  Included below are just two reference points though the entire range had steady light output.

Minimum brightness:


Maximum brightness:



We recommend enabling and maximizing the “Bluelight Filter” located in the preinstalled Splendid app.


Coming soon.


Light is actually photons traveling in the shape of waves, but unlike waves in an ocean photons can oscillate in all directions.  Polarized glasses typically only allow passage of photons through the lenses if the photons oscillate vertically.  The further the orientation of the photons deviates from vertical, the less chance the photon will be able to pass through polarized lenses.

While natural light consists of photons oscillating in all orientations, photons emitted from electronics typically have only a single orientation.  Therefore, for those reliant on polarized glasses it’s important to consider whether the device screen will be visible when wearing polarized glasses.

Device Compatibility with Polarized Glasses:

  • In portrait approximately 60% of the screen brightness will pass through polarized glasses
  • In landscape approximately 100% of the screen brightness will pass through polarized glasses


We appreciate hardware navigation buttons built into the bezel just below the screen.  Hardware buttons allow for the entire screen to be dimmed by special dimming software beyond what is available in the usual system settings.  For those Android devices with software navigation buttons displayed on-screen, all areas of the screen except the buttons are able to be further dimmed by software.



The Asus Zenfone 2 is an excellent device for those sensitive to flicker.  We were not able to measure any flicker across the full range of screen brightness.  Unfortunately, for those who wear polarized glasses much of the light output in portrait orientation will be blocked resulting in higher brightness to compensate and consequently reduced battery life.

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