Luminus Elite 50W LED replacement GU10 base (2017)

Having just reviewed the 2016 Luminus Elite 50w GU10 replacement bulb sourced from Costco we found that the bulb while it performed well enough, wasn’t a good option for those most sensitive.  How does the 2017 model compare?

Let’s find out.


  • Connector:  GU10 (120v)
  • Brightness:  430 lumens(~45w equivalent)
  • Consumption:  5.5 watts
  • Efficiency:  78 lumens per watt
  • CCT:  3,000K (“Bright White”)
  • CRI:  > 90
  • Dimmable:  Yes
  • Make / Model:  Luminus 1806918, PLZ2013T4
  • Energy Star:  Yes
  • Warranty: 3 year replacement


What’s changed from the 2016 model is the brightness is up slightly to 430 lumens from 400 lumens.  At the same time power consumption is down to 5.5 watts from 6 watts.  As such, efficiency has gone from 67 lumens per watt to 78 lumens per watt, a 16.4% improvement.  Of further note, the 2016 model spread light over 38 degrees while the 2017 does so at 40 degrees – the later being identical to reference halogen bulbs of the same type.  Good stuff.

Warranty on the other hand has been reduced from 4 years replacement to just 3 years replacement.  This suggests that Philips has less confidence in the durability of this newer product.

Efficiency is all well and good, but how about the more important flicker and color?


Unfortunately, much like the 2016 model we detected a flicker depth of ~35% from this bulb at a frequency of 120Hz.  In other words, the bulb pulses rapidly between around 65% brightness and 100% brightness 120 times each second.  While flicker at such a high frequency is invisible, it is certainly within the range of contributing to symptoms of those most sensitive.

Advertised color temperature is 3,000K.  For the 2016 model we measured 3,036K and for this 2017 model we measured 2,982K.  Good.

In terms of CRI we measured 92.2 on the 2016 model and measured a slight decrease to 91.5 on the 2017 model.  Both are within the advertised spec of >90 CRI.  Practically speaking, both are excellent scores for consumer LED bulbs.  Users won’t notice a difference.

Our spectral-power distribution graph for the new 2017 model varies slightly from the previous.  The shape of the SPD graph is mostly the same between the two.


Unfortunately, for those most sensitive there are still too many compromises.  Flicker was detected at a non-trivial depth of ~35%.  We much prefer bulbs with no measurable flicker.  Those sensitive to blue light may be better served by another bulb, likely with a warmer CCT of 2,700K.  Otherwise, these are excellent bulbs for those less sensitive.

3 thoughts on “Luminus Elite 50W LED replacement GU10 base (2017)

    1. Hi Luc,

      It sounds like you need to adjust your calibration dial on your dimmer switch. The dial is typically accessible once the plate surrounding the switches is removed.


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