LG G Pad 3/X 8.0 – Comfort View arrives with Android 7.0 update

We had a look at the LG G Pad 3 8.0 (also known as the LG Gpad X 8.0 in the United States) in October 2016 and while we appreciated the built-in “Reader Mode” we didn’t find it as customizable as we would have liked.  Recently, LG rolled out a software update to the G Pad upgrading it to Android 7 Nougat.  Included in this update is a Comfort View feature that may be accessed under Settings -> Display -> Comfort View.  Much like the LG V20, Comfort View includes settings for low, medium and high levels of blue light reduction.   While even the ‘high’ setting isn’t as aggressive as Apple’s Night Shift, it does offer massive improvement over the decidedly blue tint the display otherwise gives off.  With it enabled on the highest setting it now leaving users with a more natural white.

In terms of numbers, the default correlated color temperature (“CCT”) of the display is a rather cool and uncomfortable 6862K.  This can be brought down to 5741K, 5164K and 4903K using low, medium and high blue light filter settings respectively.  By selecting a high level of blue light filtering the amount of blue light is reduced by a significant 40+%.  Our measurements are as follows.

SPD measurements for each setting under Comfort View
LG GPad 3/X 8.0 spectral power distribution measurements using Comfort View profiles

In addition to low, medium and high settings, an option  for ‘black & white’ may also be selected under Comfort View.  Previous implementation by LG of black & white on the LG V20 was botched as the function merely removed color from on-screen images without addressing the overall blue/violet tint of the screen, making the feature useless for those most sensitive.  With this most recent update to the G Pad, the black & white option now activates the medium blue light reduction profile in combination with the removal of display colors.  This is an improvement.

screenshot of settings available under Comfort View
Available Comfort View settings

With this update, a good tablet just got better.

One thought on “LG G Pad 3/X 8.0 – Comfort View arrives with Android 7.0 update

  1. I would have loved it to be Outside (aka max bright) or inside too (or a auto via a light sensor would be best)… AKA cycle through various configs… perhaps also even portrait/landscape/auto etc.

    As it is 2 years later, and now I’m waiting for this tablet to be upgraded to 8.1 or 9.0.


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