Philips 100w LED replacement E26 base (2016)

Need an excellent 100 watt-equivalent LED light bulb that’s easy on the eyes and fits into a standard 120v light socket?  This is it.


  • Connector:  E26 Medium Base (Standard, 120v)
  • Brightness:  1,500 lumens (~100w equivalent)
  • Consumption:  14.5 watts
  • Color:  2700k (warm white/yellow)
  • Dimmable:  No
  • Efficiency:  103.4 lumens per watt
  • Make / Model:  Philips #461979


We detected no measurable flicker from this bulb.  This is a rare and excellent result.  Thank you, Philips.



We love bulbs like this that output low amounts of blue light unlikely to interfere with  your circadian sleep rhythm.  Upon measurement we find low levels of blue light and a smooth spectral power distribution with sufficient power across the entire color range to not discolor nearby objects.  The color distribution favors the 560-660nm range giving it a soft yellow look.


Subjectively this bulb looks excellent.


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