We had an opportunity to get our hands on the Intel i7 variant of the Huawei Matebook X Pro for a few minutes and found that it has several positives going for it.  During the short time we had we detected no obvious flicker from that beautiful and rather tall 13.9″ LTPS display.  The polarization of the display is perfectly compatible with polarized glasses as long as it’s used in landscape mode, as one would a traditional laptop.  Furthermore we found that the minimum brightness of the Matebook’s display to be exceptionally low, adding flexibility for those who prefer low overall brightness.  Lastly, the color composition of the display, while not offensive, is easily adjusted with Microsoft’s Night Light utility.

Our most significant reservation to recommending the Matebook X Pro is that the display is glossy.  Such a glossy display makes low brightness operation difficult because lighting that is best placed behind the user will reflect off the display and into the user’s eyes, causing glare and potentially contributing to eye strain and other symptoms.


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