Migraine World Summit 2018: Free to Stream

The 2018 Migraine World Summit is scheduled to take place April 18-26.  The numerous presenters appear to be mostly academics covering the latest in migraine research. Presentations can be viewed...

Apple macOS Mojave: A visual tour of Dark Mode

Writers at ArsTechnica reviewed the upcoming MacOS codename Mojave including the dark mode functionality Apple backed right in to the operating system.  It features everything from app integration to dynamic...

Japanese researchers find correlation between changes in atmospheric pressure and migraines

In 2011, Japanese researchers studied 28 migraine patients (full text here) living within 10 km of the Utsunomiya Meteorological Observatory in Japan to investigate whether atmospheric pressure may contribute to migraine symptoms....

Migraine sufferers at higher risk of stroke after surgery

According to a recent study published online in the British Medical Journal, those that suffer migraine are at an increased risk of stroke after surgery and hospital re-admission within...
Old CRT television

High speed cameras illustrate old and new televisions work

Ever wonder how those old, heavy, flickery CRT televisions and computer displays work?  And, how things have changed?  Watch as the SlowMoGuys illustrate how this old and new technology...

Can Thought Remedy Headaches?

In a video published on March 17, 2012, but more recently gaining some attention, Kamil walks viewers through the process of answering questions about their headaches.  In some cases, viewers report...

Problematic AC-LED Light Engines Still Problematic

In an article published to LED Magazine on April 1, 2016, Peter Shackle describes improving flicker characteristics with new "AC-LED" technology.  The technology appears to be a race to the bottom...

Study finds flicker may activate immune response against toxic Alzheimer’s proteins

In a study published to Nature.com on December 7, 2016, researchers found that exposing subject mice to flicker for one hour each day for seven days reduced the buildup...

Study finds dim lighting impairs hippocampal brain functions in mice

Neuroscience researchers at Michigan State University recently published a study examining how light affects functions of the hippocampus in the brain.  To do this they split a group of...
Photo of street lights on both sides of a dark street

Flickering street light blamed for seizure

Flicker from a faulty street light in Calgary, Canada, resulted in a seizure when Kathryn Mackay was inadvertently exposed to the flashing light.  While the story is exceptional, it...

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Extreme Netflix

Wait, what?  Netflix?  On a screen?  When I'm so sensitive?  Yes.  It can be done, even if looking at a screen is...

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