LED vs incandescent bulbs: why quality now matters

For decades the better light bulbs were the cheaper light bulbs because they all had similar durability, appearance and performance.  These old-school bulbs worked on a simple premise: connect electricity from...

Luminus Elite 50w LED replacement GU10 base (2016)

Forever in search for a good flicker-free GU10 bulb, we came across the Luminus Elite 50w replacement bulb at Costco.  According to the spec sheet it scores very high...

Philips “Warm Glow” 50w LED replacement 2200-2700K GU10 base (2016)

In our continued search to find the ideal GU10 bulb, we came across the Philips "Warm Glow" 50w replacement.  Will this finally be a suitable replacement to hot halogen equivalent...
FEIT "enhance vivid natural light" GU10 bulb

FEIT “enhance vivid natural light” GU10 bulb (2015)

It's rare to find a bulb brandishing a CRI of ≥93 and a warm color temperature of 2700K, all within the small confines of the GU10 form factor.  FEIT released...
Graph illustration of typical CRI values

CRI: understanding the Color Rendering Index

Occasionally we cover topics incidental to lighting, but not directly related to light sensitivity.  This is one of those topics. If you've shopped for LED bulbs you might have seen...

Sunlight (Reference)

It's hard to appreciate just how problematic LED lighting is without some reference to what 'good' old natural light looks like.  That fiery circle in the sky is notable for giving...

Christmas lights to avoid in 2016 (video)

Selecting Christmas lights is like walking through a minefield.  Sure, these lights output relatively low amounts of light, but it's 2016 and harsh low-frequency flicker in Christmas lights is inexcusable. For...

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Extreme Netflix

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